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As a qualified and accredited trainer since 2000, I’ve been getting the residents of the DMV fit, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or bulk up in muscle, contact me today and get started!


A Bit About Dupree

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time. I personally follow a plant-based lifestyle and help my clients thrive and reach their goals.


What I Do

Iyengar Class

Personal  Training

Male Model

Muscle Building

Strength, Flexibility & Cardio Training

Cross Fit Class

Group Fitness

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.

This is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance in no time.

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!


Since working with Dupree, I've gotten stronger and much more toned. My endurance has also increased and I'm back to jogging again. I'm happy with the results thus far and will keep going!

Danyelle, Washington DC

That first training session with Mr. Allen changed my entire workout life! Mr. Allen WORKED ME SO HARD, I felt like I had been playing with the other trainers. I poured sweat as he pushed me and encouraged me and kept me moving. The burn, the pain I enjoyed the next day had me hooked. I only wanted to train with Mr. Allen after that.. Mr. Allen's motivation had me believing I could do any exercise, lift any amount of weight, go as hard as anyone in the gym and he made me feel like I was his best client. My muscles began to form and I started to slim out. I was excited about my transformation. I enjoyed every injury-free, sweat filled, exhausting and exhilarating session I had with Mr. Allen and can guarantee his workouts will not disappoint.

Cleshette, Bowie MD

Dupree was the missing link to my workouts. I had been going to the gym faithfully and was in decent shape. But when I started working out with Dupree I started seeing rapid change! I got much more muscle definition and increase. He knows what he is doing and is a great guy on top of that. Glad I connected with him!

Carl, Upper Marlboro MD


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